How to Fake a Job Reference using a Virtual Job Reference Service.
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Virtual Employment References:
Unemployed? Fired? Forced Out? Bad Reference? Create an entirely new work history using our fake reference service. Don’t let these issues keep you from finding meaningful work. Explain away these periods using one of our Virtual Companies. Our fake companies are so real, our Virtual Companies actually get sales calls from the public.

If you find yourself fired for cause, or simply dealing with a long period of unemployment, we can help. If your former employer won’t give you a good reference, We can replace him.

For the most part, we are only limited to our mutual imaginations. You tell us "What"; we figure out "How"! Our clients range from Corporate Executives to newly released prison inmates and everyone inbetween. No two clients have the same needs. That is why every service plan we develop is unique.

No detail is over looked. Every case is managed by a Case Manager best suited to your needs. If you're calling us from London, Sydney or even Texas, We'll assign a voice actor with the appropriate accent to "Fit" that any of the World!
Ever wonder what information is available to employers about you on the internet? Work History? Education? Criminal Record? Now you can stop wondering and find out!

Only The Reference Store uses a popular Computerized Employee Screening System. The information we learn about you, will be used to help us develop an even more detailed operation to get you hired!

By knowing what is on the record, we can anticipate, and/or plan for unforeseen issues. This will help you (and us) avoid uncertainty and increase our ability to provide a much more effective reference service.
Little White Lies: (How we work)
The Reference Store has many Virtual Companies that look, feel and sound REAL! Each of these companies has,
• A fully featured, detailed multipage web-"SITE".
• A local phone number in the AREA OF YOUR CHOICE.
• Live people answering phones.
• Music on hold

• We say…. Whatever YOU tell us to say. You can use our scripts or create one of your own.
• Our Virtual Human Resource Managers make sure to use the FIVE HIRING BUZZ WORDS used among Human Resource Professionals.
• You tell us your Salary

• You tell us the date you started
• You tell us the date you left.
• You tell us the position you hold / held.
• You can even write the reference if you so choose.
• We tell the “Little White Lies” that gets you Interviewed. GUARANTEED!

Select the Plan of your choice, (Step 1) and click on the "Add to Cart" button to process payment. Then, just click the "Step 2" button on the upper left and answer a few brief questions. A case handler will contact you as soon as payment is posted to handle specifics of your case.
Landlord blues got you down? An Eviction or Broken Lease on your record? Fear not, The Reference Store can and does serve as your virtual Landlord too. We offer the highest recommendation available anywhere to help you get into a new home or apartment.

Whenever a perspective new landlord calls us? We verify your tenancy, length of occupancy, monthly rental rates and how we “JUST HATE TO LOSE YOU AS A TENANT!”

Need a few days off of work? A funeral should prove most effective in getting you the time you need. We have a Virtual Funeral Home available; Complete with memorial notices and service programs. No one will know but us.

An “Emergency Friend” comes in pretty handy when you need to “Get away”. We can make an “Emergency” phone call or text to you at any time you need. Giving you just the right reason to get-away at the time you pre-select.
1. Get a New Job.
2. Build a Better Business Reputation.
3. Get a New Place to Live.
4. Avoid Forclosure.
5. Get Promoted.
6. Build a Great Employment History.
7. Explain Away Gaps in Employment.
8. Fill in Periods of Self-Employment.
9. Deminish a Criminal History.
10. Acquire "Vefiable" Experience.

Almost ANYTHING you can think of!
What is a “Targeted Reference”? Simply put, a Targeted Reference is a Trademarked Service that allows you, the client, to “Target” a specific employer that you want to work for. Our former Military Operators will then get to work collecting specific information on that specific employer is looking for beyond the job posting.

We will look into the "Culture" on the job site and personality traits of the hiring managers. To engage in a campaign of mis-information, we follow the model established by U.S. Naval Intelligence. ONLY The Reference Store can gather and interrupt hiring information, to put you in the highest position available.

Our Intelligence Department will also peek into their hiring practices and learn everything we can about "Who" the hiring manager thinks is the ideal candidate; and What "Extra" do they look for in a candidate. (These are items left off of job listings.)

Equipped with this information, we will develop a Virtual (fake) company to closely mirror the duties, responsibilities and equipment of the job you want. Something no other company does. The combination of inside information and the Virtual company we build for you, we're confident, will put you in the best position to be hired.

Our Virtual (Fake) Companies appear so real that, we receive both sales and customer calls from the public!

The Reference Store also conducts reference checks. We will call your former employer, posing as a company interested in hiring you. These calls are recorded and/ or transcribed for you and your records.* (*Depending on Local, Regional or State Laws of your area.) Call for pricing and further details.
(Just Like the Real Thing.)
(Not a Cheap Web-"PAGE")
(Just Like the Real Thing.)
(Just Like the Real Thing.)
Computerized Job Background Screening
Worry Free
Learn about our V.I.P. Plan; and how you can benefit from its 100 % success rate.
Success Rate
The Reference Store also provides enhanced Security Counter-Measures to Protect Against Detection! Dont risk using "Pre-Existing" Web-sites or "Pre-Existing" Virtual Companies. The longer these web-sites are on the net, the greater the odds of being discovered. But thats only the beginning. Call today for details!

We will act as your current or past employer and provide you with a fake employment reference, a fake company, and a fake H.R. Manager to give you an outstanding recommendation for employment.

We’re your Virtual H.R. Department. We help our clients by providing alternate work histories; and little white lies. Your friends at The Reference Store are ready to help. We build virtual companies, complete with local addresses and local phone numbers in your part of the world. We also provide references for REAL COMPANIES too. Use our expertise to skirt the traditional hiring process.
Targeted References
A Trademarked Reference Store Exclusive!
The Reference Store believes everyone deserves a second chance. But honestly…. How many people are REALLY willing to hire a convicted felon! Truth is? A very few. (Even AFTER he’s paid his debt to society.)

These men and women have families, children and households to run. NOT being able to find legitimate work can result in his/her returning to the only thing they know. Crime!

Those, whose moral compasses have pointed a little off course, or have fallen on hard times, don’t deserve to be relegated to a life without any realistic opportunity to return to meaningful work. If you find yourself released due to questionable conduct; homelessness, or just plain old bad luck, we believe The Reference Store will provide you with the finest, most creative problem solvers in the business.

The Reference Store also helps those in need of references due to Company Bankruptcy. For these companies that have folded and are no longer in operation; we can offer glowing references to help you land that next job.

While NOT risking their current positions; even Frustrated Employees can use our services to seek a higher position with other companies. Your current employer won’t know you’re looking to make a move.

Whichever barrier stands between you and your objectives, call
The Reference Store; we’ll create a solution together.
"Serving the Greater Good!"
The Worlds Leading
Virtual Reference Service
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Let The Reference Store build a fake job reference and fill that missing piece to getting that job you're after; be key to scoring that sweet apartment you’ve had your eye on; become your escape route when life deals you an unexpected turn. The Advantage can be yours. Reposition yourself to advance your career today.

We are the recognized Worldwide Experts in planning, and executing "Campaigns of Mis-Information." Don't settle for excuses; get results today from the Reference Store.
Gain the Advantage!
The Reference Store Provides:
1. A Virtual H.R. Manager to Provide an OUTSTANDING Employment Reference.
2. A Unique Virtual Company Designed for You Alone.
3. A LOCAL Telephone Number Anywhere in the World.
4. A Physical Address for your Virtual Company.
5. A Unique Domain Name for Web-Support.
6. One on One Contact with your Case Manager.
7. Unlimited References During Your Service Period.
8. Targeted References.
9. Inquiry Notification.
10. Guaranteed Results.
11. Job Coaching.
12. Reverse Reference Checks.
  1. Almost ANYTHING you can think of !
Red Flag
1) Toll Free Numbers are for CUSTOMER SERVICE calls; NOT for Employee Reference Checks. H.R. Professionals know the difference.

2) The Reference Store can provide you with a working "LOCAL" Telephone Number; Anywhere in the World!

3) Phone Setup in as little as one (1) hour.

4) Our Security Counter Measures Defeat even the most deligent efforts of the best Hiring Managers.
We've helped our clients get jobs with big corporate giants, such as "Pepsi Cola" & "General Electric"; all the way down to small local family businesses. Our unique approach focuses on details that makes it easier to bypass even the best of hiring Managers.

You will work one to one with your Case Manager. They will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. From listing your skill set and career objectives; to developing an operational plan of mis-information. Our Fake Reference service gets results. Guaranteed!
800 Numbers!!!
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Included in EVERY
V.I.P. // V.I.P. PLUS // & Executive Reference Plan.
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