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Learn about our V.I.P. Plan; and how you can benefit from its 100 % success rate.
Success Rate
Q) Do you help people outside the United States?
A) YES! From the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and even India! We help clients around the world!
Q) What Security features do you use?
A) Our Security Countermeasures help ensure success. They are designed to Fool even the best of H.R. professionals. We offer two levels of security. Level one uses a 4 point system; while Level two uses a 7 point security system.
Q) What do I get with my Service Plan?
A) Each of our Employment Service Plans offer:
   1) One Virtual Company with a posted Physical Address.
   2) One (1) Dedicated Phone Number in the City of Your Choice.
   3) One (1) Reference Source from within our Virtual Company.
   4) One Detailed Web-site for GREATER authenticity.

   5) One (1) Virtual H.R. Manager or Supervisor.
Q) What options can I control?
Getting you back to Work!
A) Most of the options are controlled by YOU! The Client!
You tell us…
1. The Date you Started.
2. The Date you Left.
3. The REASON you left.
4. What your Salary was.
5. What your Duties were.
6. How many people you Supervised. (if Any)
7. What Equipment you EXPERTLY used.
8. What Software Systems you used.
9. Most Anything else you need us to say on your behalf.
A) YES! Absolutely! We can put together almost any Virtual Scenario you require.*
Q) Can you taylor something to fit my Special Circumstances?
(*Additional costs and restrictions may apply; Ask for details.)
Q) Can you Guarantee I'll get a job?
A) The Reference Store makes every effort, within the scope of its ability, to provide as realistic a reference to lend greater credibility to the hiring process.

The Reference Store controls what it can. We don't control your performance during the in terview, we don t control the validity of your credientials. Reference checks are only a part of the vetting process. (The 3rd most important part, after the Interview & Crediential Verification.)
Even after a stellar performance on our part, The Reference Store makes no guarantee whatsoever as to your getting hired by anyone for anything; or to the success of your objectives.
Q) Is this legal?
A) YES! Perfectly Legal. Misinformation on a resume isn’t a crime!
($40.00 (U.S. Dollars) additional International fee applies.)
Q) Which services do you recommend?
A) Each case is different. Typically, most clients prefer our VIP PLUS Package; as it offers the most “Bang for the Buck!”
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) Are All Telephone Area Codes Available?
A) In General, Yes. However, there are instances where a particular area code is unavailable due to high competition for said area code. Such Cities include New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong. Be sure to ask for availability. No Area Code is Guaranteed.
Q) What if I need two or more references on my plan?
A) Each plan comes with one reference source from within one Virtual Company. For additional References from within THE SAME Virtual Company, simply pay an additional service to receive an additional Reference Source.

If you choose to use our STANDARD PLAN, simply pay an additional $29.95 for an additional Reference Source from within the SAME VIRTUAL COMPANY; for 30 days.
Q) I have a criminal record. Do you have options for me?
A) Yes. We have a very specific and effective technique for clients with a criminal history. A few well placed "Cover Stories" make a HUGE difference!
                No Cheap Cut and Paste Web-sites here!!!
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Virtual Reference Service
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Q) Will you tell me if anyone calls?
A) Absolutely! We will E-Mail you the A.S.A.P. with the Company Name AND the name of the H.R. Manager or clerk.
Q) What hours are you open?
Q) What about privacy concerns?
A) The Reference Store is happy to accept calls to our Sales Dept. Monday thru. Saturday from 9am to Midnight (Eastern Time) Our Operations Dept. takes calls Monday thru. Friday from 7am to 9pm Eastern. The Operations Division handles all incoming Human Resources inquires.
A) Your privacy is among our highest priorities. With the exception of a Court Order, at no time will we share, or sell your information. Be assured we take every reasonable precaution to safeguard your privacy.
Q) How long does it take to get Set-Up?
A) Set-Up time depends greatly on the complexity of your case. In many cases, Set-Up can be done within 48 hours. Typically, Service Plans Start in under 72 Business Hours. The more complicated your case is, the longer it will take to evaluate and determine what action to take. In our most complex cases, setup can take up to ten (10) business days. If the client asks for changes to be made, that may delay the start time of service. Ask for details.
Q) Are your services quick and easy to use?
A) Quick and easy, is how you..... "Order a hamburger" or "Clean a Toilet Bowl". It is NOT the best way to proceed when trying to plan a private operation of mis-information to get you hired. We take the time to Dot the I's and cross the T's. The Reference Store takes the time to research your local job market to better provide "The Ring of Truth" to get you hired.
Q) How does a typical Operation go?
Q) Are there discounts available?
A) YES! The Reference Store offers a variety of discounts on our Social Network pages. "Like" us on Facebook, "Follow" us on Twitter, and "Connect" with us on Linkedin for featured discount codes. (When available.)
A) After payment is received,
• You’ll be assigned a Case Handler.
• You’ll receive one on one contact from your Handler.
• Your Handler will make specific recommendations for your case.
• After a decision is made, your case goes into Operations.
• You apply and submit resumes to as many potential employers as you like.
• LIVE virtual receptionists and virtual H.R. Managers answer employment verification calls. (You are notified the same day of the inquiries via e-mail.)
• We deliver your glowing reference on all inquiries per your instructions.
• You prepare and deliver an outstanding interview.
Service Limits
The Reference Store cares about the Public Good. We will not offer our services for any criminal conduct. Nor can we give references for any of the following as it may jeopardize the Publics Physical Safety. These limits include, but shall not be limited to…
In addition,
Thank you for your understanding.
• No knowingly false statements will be made to any Sitting Court of Record.
• No References shall be given for any Loans whatsoever.
• No Employment with Law Enforcement Agencies.
• No Employment in Education (K thru. 12)
• No Employment giving Legal Advice.
• No Employment giving Medical Care of any kind.
• No Employment with any Federal, State, County or City Government Agency or Department.
• No Employment with public or private Fire Departments.
• No Employment with public or private Jails.
• Any other circumstance The Reference Store Deems Appropriate.
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Q) What if I get caught?
A) With all things, there are risks. If the deception is discovered, you could very well be terminated; evicted or suffer embarrassment and humiliation.
Q) Are "800 Numbers" Effective?
A) Let us be clear. "800 Numbers" are for Customer Service calls only. NOT for Reference Checking. Toll Free Numbers are used attract more Customer Service calls and make more sales. Human Resource Managers understand this fact and see 800 Numbers as a RED FLAG of DECEPTION!
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"Serving the Greater Good!"
Q) Can I choose the name of the Virtual Company?
A) Yes! You can select the name of the Company** (Ask for details) We work for you. You tell us what to do. You’re the boss.
Q) Does The Reference Store demand the use of "Authorized Release Forms"?
A) Yes. No background information, will be released without the proper paperwork signed by you. Any would be employer calling to ascertain your status, must have an Authorized Release form bearing your signature before we give any references; as is customary with H.R. Departments. You may waive this procedure during signup.
Q) Why do you need the last 4 of my S.S.N.?
A) It is a very common practice, for a hiring H.R. Clerk to ask for the last 4 of an applicants S.S.N. It is used verify the identity of the applicant; along with the applicants full name. It will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
Q) How many jobs can I Apply for?
A) Unlimited! After we develop your case, You may submit to as many jobs as you like! The Reference Store is happy to give a many references during your service period as is possible.
Q) Who uses these services?
A) Any Adult (18 years of age or older) can sign up and use our services. From frustrated employees looking to make a change; to kids fresh out of High School; Even Convicted Felons looking for a second chance can use our services to get that second chance!
Q) What is the maximum setup time?
A) The completion of service plan development depends on several factors; The complexity of your case; Our current workload, Your "Plan priority" and more. Development time ranges from one (1) business day up to fourteen (14) business days. Generally speaking, most cases take about three (3) to four (4) business days to complete.
Increase the Odds.
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